Monday, November 18, 2013

Coming Soon : Joe Flizzow - #HAVOC


Tracklist tekan "read more"...

01. Ucapan Terakhir Presiden
02. Iller-Iller
03. Havoc feat. Altimet & SonaOne
04. Untukmu feat. Ila Damiaa
05. Baek
06. Satu Kali
07. Lu Lari feat. Adeep Nahar
08. Kongsi
09. Aku Tak Kenalmu feat. Zamaera
10. Apa Khabar feat. SonaOne
11. Air Mata feat. Ash
12. Katakan feat. Rossa
13. Apa Benar
14. Takbir Cinta feat. Yasin & Amy Search

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