Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boombox Records Are Looking For Your Demotape


Pick a maximum of two of your best tracks. It’s very frustrating for record labels when they receive a “Hi, this is my album and I want to release it on your label”. Chances of signing you on like that are about a million to one. Besides, if you send two tracks and the record label really loves them, they are likely to ask you for more. This is when you can send other tracks you have lying around. Make sure you send a full-length track in a considerable rate, preferably 192 kb/s but the absolute minimum is 128 kb/s. After sending the demo, don’t expect an answer within the hour! All labels get tons of demos a day, the bigger the label, the more demos they get. And if they reply but don’t want to sign it, don’t lose faith. Just that they don’t like doesn’t mean it’s a bad track. Keep on making your music and doing your thing, if the music is of great quality, labels will sign it eventually! Just remember, make music because you want to and like doing it, don’t aim for that Beatport number one position because trust me, you’ll lose all the fun there is in making music. We want quality, not quantity ☺

Good luck.

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