Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review : The Rebel Scum's The Time Has Scum


This album took 7 to 8 years (some said 10 years), but long enough before Saph, NBE and DJ Jocular form SSK. So after 1 EP and 1 LP from SSK, finally, the time has scum (come).

Consist of 4 MCs and 1 DJ, Wordsmanifest, Illson, MicWrecka, HQA and Cliq, The Rebel Scum delivers banger, no nonsense crazy rap flow, with some would say that it is The Wu-Tang Clan of Malaysia, but to be honest, this is The Rebel Scum of itself. It's definitely for the children (hope Wordsmanifest won't go to next AIM and do an ODB), things you would want your children to learn, the real reality of life as portrayed in tracks like Manusia and Susah Betul (a clean version, perhaps? for the children!)

With features such as SSK, Spit, legendary, Lady D, productions from mostly The Rebel Scum themselves (notably MicWrecka), guest productions from Yang Arif and DJey Ammey, the boom baps show good quality production of different sounds. Dope flow of lyrics in Bahasa and English, with shoutout from legendary KRS-One before track four, Call Your Name Out, which samples different MCs on this track, notably Jay-Z and Nas.

I wouldn't skip any track as it is best to listen based on the track sequence. Hard to pull out a favourite track but I think one track that would stay in your head is Manusia. Dope sample, dope flow of powerful lyrics in Bahasa about truth about humanity.

A classic that every hip-hop fan needs in their collection, The Time Has Scum is one dope album. Given that the Scumbag caps have ran out (which based on word on the street there might be a second release), you should get the album before there might not be a second release.

Here's how to get the album :
1. Think of a number between 1-100.
2. Go to this link
3. Pay the figure you have thought at step 1. Don't change if you said 100, then pay that amount, cause that's how you support musician.

On the real you can buy at any price, but please be realistic about the price. (I paid RM xx for it.)

A dope album, and one you will hopefully play back, if The Rebel Scum decides to drop LP number 2, someday, or not.

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