Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review : Raising The Bar Festival


It all started with a dream, and the dream came to action, and finally it was here. An epic day from the beginning to the end. Wish the day lasted longer, and night went on further.

The Rhymes Stage was probably the most happening stage. People come flooding in towards the night as it builds up to the headliners such as Kartel Records and Teh Tarik Crew. Beats Stage was more of DJs, beatbox, and Trap music, which drew quite a good crowd of people dancing to their tunes from DJ Nesh, to Cee X H3 to Unconventional Science from US. Life stage was a mixture of open mic, poetry and live performances of various act, notably Ruffedge and The Fabulous Cats. However, the sound system did not make up for some of the performances and K-Town Clan moved their performance to The Rhymes Stage after Teh Tarik Crew performed.

There were various other activities going on within KLPAC, other than the bazaar of foods and clothes, there were also b-boys battling out and some random spot where people cyphers. There were also graff writings as many graff artistes were doing their thing near The Rhymes Stage. Thoroughly, it was a hip-hop spirit all together. There was the Malaysia vs Singapore cypher battle which probably some will remember that Zain Azrai took off his shirt (Yes and Fakkah Fuzz tweeted it.)

The Rebel Scum and Tactmatic both release The Time Has Scum and High Society respectively, so did Kartel Records performed new songs such as Altimet's Kalau Aku Kaya and Joe Flizzow's Apa Benar. Probably most people was almost caught unaware thinking Malique might turn up when Joe drop the verse ""Kalau kau rindu Too Phat, aku bagaimana? Bagai Jebat mengamuk, membela Laksamana." before going into Too Phat's classic, Alhamdulillah. The festival drew people from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore, even Yogi B from Poetic Ammo was there.

All in all it was a good hip-hop festival, probably would be the first of many to come. Big up to Jin Hackman and his team for putting up this dope event and we look forward to 2014!

Would give a 4/5 ratings for the event, and if you missed it, shame on you.

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  1. I was there! And it was legend.... wait for it... DARY!!


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