Tuesday, September 25, 2012

News : Malique Ibrahim Is NOT Dead

Today twitter tried to kill Malique, and we got confirmation from his label that he is very much alive and well. No cancer, brain tumor, nothing.

People gotta stop this bullshit. Malique has been keeping away from the public because of all the bullshits you guys put out there which were never true. Please do yourself a favour by not spreading rumours. Simple.


  1. Malique Ibrahim is living legend in Malaysia Hip Hop scene. Dia dah letakkan Bahasa Melayu pada satu level yang tak pernah kita sangka,expect. Permainan kosa,kata,bahasa,peribahasa dalam liriknya buat kita celik. Ini yang sepatutnya. Dia berjaya letakkan ritma atas puisi,rhythm at poetry. Saluté

  2. malique always become a legend


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