Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Editorial : Hey Dear Followers

It's been a while since I wrote about anything, but the Malaysian Hip-Hop scene has been improving (since my last post). First of all is my duty to apologies that I couldn't be at every events held, due to certain circumstances, but I will continue to do my duty to spread the word online, viral it using this platform to spread the word to everyone, when I have taken notice of the events.

Working on this blog has been my passion for hip-hop to be known to the Malaysian public. I've been working on it every now and then (trying to keep up with everyone), so here goes a new post.

Currently, the blog has been weekly updated by new music, new videos, mixtapes (occasionally), news... the list goes on. I have decided that there would be a contribution section (whether is in bahasa or english) which talks about the Malaysian Hip-Hop. So here you go, wanna contribute? Shoot us an email with your article and after reading through it, we will put it up on Malaysian Hip-Hop. How's that sound? I would recommend discussions, critical evaluation (oh, that mixtape needs better mixing), comments (RTB changed my life forever...) and anything, as long as it is hip-hop. But that doesn't mean you have to stop sending in your music, keep it coming, but make sure it is quality. Don't give me something that you sounds like you mumble in your sleep. The email malaysianhiphop(at)gmail(dot)com. On this note, I seriously wouldn't entertain any, I MEAN ANY, FB page messages, or Twitter mention, since  the email is provided. To be honest I don't want you to sample some songs, or use someone's beat, and these dumb-ass music label lawyers sending emails asking me to put the song down. TAKE NOTE!

Shoutout to Jin Hackman for effortlessly putting monthly RTB for the hip-hop scene (and providing a platform for new cats to perform). Shoutout to Vandal for putting back TYGS (I heard there are a lot to come with the whole thing, so I hope ya'll show your skillz!). Shoutout to BEATNATION, ya'll holding it down for beatboxing, keep doing it. Shoutout to BeatKitchen, can't wait for #TheCypherMixtape, DJ Fuzz!!! Shoutout to Joe Flizzow and 8TV, #HipHopInAsia, a series Kartel Records and 8TV are putting on tv soon (which comes to this, where's the 8TV person who emails us about Showdown, ya'll stopped? C'mon!)

Just one thing I want to address though : HIP-HOP has 5 ELEMENTS. THIS BLOG IS OPEN TO ALL ELEMENTS : BBOY-ING, MC-ING, DJ-ING, BEATBOX-ING, GRAFFITI-ING. Would appreciate if all of these elements work together. So if you have a dope video of you b-boying, djing, mcing, beatboxing, graffiting, send it to us. Like for real. SEND TO US.

So I hope ya'll have a great Hari Raya ahead and hope to get emails from all ya'll.

Hit COMMENTS and say something (anything) #MalaysianHipHop.


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