Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Soon : Malique - Mantera (May 2012)


Mantera: Koleksi Hits Terbaik is an audio book made up of 27 of Malique’s previously released and unreleased singles from 2008 - 2012. The book itself is a collection of Malique’s lyrics, which is presented as abook of poetry. A double-disc album is attached with the book as an audio companion.
Cakera 1 includes songs from both OK (2008) and K.O The Mixtape - with DJ Fuzz (2009).
Cakera 2 contains singles from his un- released album TKO. Also included in Cakera 2 are songs which Malique wrote, produced and featured in for other artistes like Amanda Imani’s Cemburu (released December 2011) and also an unreleased new song produced for Black (of Mentor) titledTeman Pengganti.
There are also several new and unreleased songs included: Warkah Dari Perbatasan, Muzik Buatku High, FL, Urut and Tolong Bilang. Since Malique’s previous albums have been sold out for a long time and will never be re-printed, this is a good opportunity for those who missed out on OK and K.O The Mixtape to own a collection of the best-known releases from all his albums.
The audio book will be releasing in May 2012 and will be distributed by Warner Music Malaysia. 

I'm not sure about TKO, but Mantera... May 2012

Update : It has not been released until further information becomes available.


  1. Tak jumpa pun album ni??kat mana ade jual?

  2. Tak erti baca ke "until further information becomes available"?

  3. tired of waiting from malique. Last time told that TKO coming out. Not coming out till now. Then also heard too phat getting back to studio..not happen also. Now this...what is their problem?

  4. dia akan buat comeback ! . dalam lirik lagu "2010 Masih Hiphop" dia penah cakap .

  5. Aritu beria aku carik album ni,belum keluar lg rupanya.Nakharam!

  6. aduhh aku tunggu jea Malique punya come back . aku salute dia


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