Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updates : Malique - I'll do a concert if my album sales hit 15 000


and @MaliqueIbrahim was on twitter earlier today interacting with his fans and updating us about himself. This above is now a challenged posed to us Malaysian Hip-Hop fans.

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Congratulation Malique on your second child.

Yep, TKO will be coming and it'll be Malique's last album.

As of tonight he's recording Muzik Buatku High which features Bunkface. Can't wait for TKO.

15,000. Malaysia, can you do it?


  1. Other Malaysian rappers should make a collective collaboration mixtape before he flight to Jamaica... Its should be a history in Malaysia Hip Hop!!!

  2. If he's quitting music I guess we're never gonna see another Too Phat album then?

  3. the twitter account looks like no longer exist?

  4. @kamaLkLique he has since quit twitter.

  5. I'm still looking for Malique latest updates... and now is 2013. I'm still waiting for his product...


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