Sunday, August 14, 2011

Video : Reef Aljafri - We Hate Caprice


Read an editorial by the blogger :
I was about to overlook this but I thought I should speak.
It's 2011, what more people wants? Is this how you start your rap career by taking shots at Caprice? I mean, we had Sona and Karmal going on him back then but it was nothing personal. It was pure hip-hop.
Now that was 2010.

2011, we have a "We Hate Caprice" song? I thought there were 10 people in the video but I saw one dude going on and taking his shirt off sounding like the Odd Future. Do we still want to waste energy and time going about Caprice? Do you even expect a reply?

Come on Reef, get a reality check, it will really help. And it's not a good song, you might consider doing some mixing or mastering before you make your own career go to dooms.

And Caprice, I'm not taking your side on this, sincerely.



  1. This guy kills Caprice

  2. This guy is fuckin whackkkkkk.....I reckon it's the other way.....Caprice would kill him.....But it ain't gonna be worth it...!!!!

  3. Fuck u wannabe...

  4. This guys better than

  5. Haha.. I hate that skinny Caprice too.

  6. whats with this guy? how u gonna get respect from this shit ur making man? lots of people hate him...but this? good luck in ur future man...

  7. cut down on the swearing maybe, but yeah def. lyrically better than the so-called prince of damansara

  8. go do your homework son, u aint no where near caprice is boy..u whack as hell..eventho caprice is also a so-so.. ..

  9. bulan2 puasa pun marah. chill der. lagi satu, lu baca lirik ke pandang2 bawah? kantoi


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