Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rhymeweaver's Going Offline


Starting from 15 December 2010, all The Rhymeweaver's songs and mixtapes will cease to be available online. This is because, the hosting website for the music, has been bought by Facebook and they are purging the site of all data. You will not be able to download the music after that date. So do download all these songs and mixtapes for FREE before 15 Dec! Here are the download links:

Hymns of Wrath & Passion (2007)
Music From and Inspired by Classic Literature (2008)
Bloody Hardcore Battle Rhymes (2009)
Supernatural Horror in Rap Music (2009)
Music From the Depths of My Heart (2009)
Music Inspired by Superman, The Man of Steel (2010)

Masterminds (13 Emcees Collabo)
Lovely (Center of My Universe)
Gorehounds (with BossChan aka Familyboy)

Thank you for supporting The Rhymeweaver all this while. Enjoy!

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