Sunday, November 28, 2010 & Nakal.TV

No.1 Music Video Production Company Is Here To Materealize
Your Brand!

One of the leading music video production companies in Malaysia,
Materealize, has just launched it’s brand new website this week. The site,, is designed for 2 things:-

One: You can watch their collection of innovative, highly entertaining videos

Two: Contact information so you can get them to take your brand to the next
level, using videos

Materealize Director Kelvin Anthony says: “Everyone is a brand. And
getting your brand noticed in today’s highly competitive YouTube world, is a
challenge. Anyone with a camera these days can produce online videos. In
order to stand out and get noticed, you’ll need to produce top quality content –
Which is where we can help you”

Materealize (est. 2005) is famous for their cutting edge music videos for
artists like Hujan, Point Blanc, MC Syze, K-Town Clan, Sasi The Don &
James Baum to name a few. Their videos are entertaining, fast-moving and
never dull - receiving high rotation across multiple channels on national

Also, to check out their entire collection of videos, you can visit
Here you’ll find a library of videos including some rare never-before-seen
gems featuring the country’s biggest superstars.

Let’s roll!


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