Monday, November 15, 2010

Editorial : One Hit-Wonder and Bad Music

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Alright, it's not normal for me to write something on the blog, but I'm gonna just pour out my thoughts (this is no Kanye West rant). Since ya'll been here all these while, you love the blog, you follow the blog religiously, me on my side, I want to say a big THANK YOU. This isn't goodbye, I'm trying to just get my thoughts across since I'm technically working hard behind here (everyday), each time, to put up good stuff for ya'll to feed your ears, mind and soul.

I have been receiving a lot of emails as of late, about interest in the hip-hop side of Malaysia. People buzz me up, asking me about artistes, releases, who are they, asking me where can I download this and that. I gotta be honest with you, Malaysian Hip-Hop is nowhere far from USA Hip-Hop, or any hip-hop scene for that matter. Yes, a lot of producers, beatmakers (yes, producer and beatmakers are two different people!!!) , MCs, rappers (I don't need to say further), and bloggers (as well as haters) are putting in endless effort to be recognised for their effort. Some succeed, some fail, yes, miserably.

And I titled this editorial One Hit-Wonder, I am talking to the people who created a dope hit, and vanish into thin air. Seriously, you earn enough money from that one-hit single and stop creating music? Or have you ran out of ideas, you just throw tracks around that is really irrelevant, and ones that people just shut it down after they hear the intro? How many of these rappers who does this, continues to tell us everyday they are grinding and in the studio working on an album. I do count the days, months and years, so we really know who is lying, who is telling the truth.

Some of you rappers are whack, as in bad of the bad. You have a messed up record, that you think it's hot, you email me, bug me, and ask me what do I think. And when I tell my honest opinion, you make enemies with me. Some say I don't support them, cause I am suppose to say it's hot, when it's not. I am suppose to post their music on my blog. And when I don't, they say I ain't supportive. Some have this pretty bad beat like someone's balls beating on a girl's pussy when they have sex. Get that damn track mixed and mastered, get it tweek a little, rewrite the hook or something. If you can't, this might not be the path for you. Think twice about it.

But what I am trying to say is this, you have to know what you really want, what you really feel like doing. You don't be flooding my inbox and expect me to know what you want, especially when you are new, or unheard of. You might be famous in your school, in college, in your town, in your little village, but DO IT RIGHT, YOU WILL BE RECOGNISED!!!! Don't go running your mouth I ain't helping you, your group, your songs, your label, etc. I do help as much as I can if you help yourself by telling me what you really want.

And one hit-wonder, work hard. I believe there's treasures you can unleash. You don't just let talent die on you, or give in to your fake hustle-ness. Continue to strive in the music business. New cats are hungry. I really look up to some of you, to be as dope as before (you became pretty whack). You have nothing to prove to anyone (yes, I know), but you have the new generation to educate with good music. KRS-One has never given up, why should you, if you claimed you are HIP-HOP?

Oh well, I guess I make somethings well pretty clear (I hope I do). And if I did offend anyone, I'm not sorry for my HONEST OPINION. Malaysian Hip-Hop is ours (not mine, thank you). If none of us function well, it will be back to square one again, and then we will start pointing fingers to everyone except ourselves again.

Till the next time, if I do write,
Vic Jamm.

p.s. I do want to hear comments, critics, non-believers, and haters, as well as kind words. Please do comment, and let me know how you feel.


  1. Thumbs up to Vic Jamm for the voice out~ =)

    I do believe that you've done a great job here by introducing newcomers as well as old-timers, and thanks to you I also can hear some new rhythm and beat.. =D

    For me people who get offended by your criticism is just another person who never learn the meaning of GRATEFUL or in other word "Syukur/Terima Kasih"... They dont realize that you want them to improve and not crushing them by giving FALSE HOPE...

    For the One Hit-Wonder, keep up your work.. dont stop till you are no longer in this world~ =)

    To all people out there, Malaysian Hip-Hop deserve some respect for the work done here.. (^_^)

  2. "KRS-One has never given up, why should you, if you claimed you are HIP-HOP?"


  3. I'm not gonna give up. I believe Malaysian hiphop scene will rise again. And when it comes, I'll be ready.

    - NeoZ of Point Xero

  4. Thumbs up for the article, and thank you for constantly posting good shits here, it is very useful for me especially to keep on track with Malaysian hip hop scene, it has been what? 4 years since your first article.

    keep up the good work.

  5. if u need someone to co-sign u for being smart...i am that someone. - karmal XXll


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