Saturday, October 16, 2010

XS.One - The Orientation


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XS.One recently released a 20-track original music compilation on the 10.10.10 entitled "The Orientation" by XS.One The Regiment. You can but the mp3 or physical copy here.

Besides that they have 3 more recent mixtape releases which are all available for free download if you would like to check out :

1) "Verse-a-tility: Colours of the Rainbow" by Mean:
2) "TheCrazy88 EP" by TheCrazy88:
3) "Str8 Jacks Vol.02 (Mixed by The IZA) by XS.One The Regiment:

These group of MC from Singapore are pretty dope and I think if you support hip-hop, you should really take a listen and support them.

You can connect with XS

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