Saturday, October 2, 2010

Negative - Prove Em Wrong! Clothing Line


Available at :

- 1st Floor, EchoPark, Sungei Wang, KL
- 3rd Floor, EchoPark, Mid Valley, Megamall
- 1st Floor, EchoPark, Sunway Pyramid
- 6th Floor, Rum Boutique, Berjaya Times Square

official website

You have to learn about NEGATIVE, to understand NEGATIVE

Have you ever been put down or let down by others? Just because you dream a little bigger or a little different than others? If you think you are reaching a point where everything else seems Negative, do not worry as you are not alone! We hereby bring you a brand that represents those that have positive dreams but was looked at disapprovingly by others.

This brand fills up the gap for all the youth out there who shares big dreams but never really understood why people reject or deny them. Hence, Negat!ve is also a movement, forming a community within the youth of the society in order for them to encourage each other to share their trials, tribulations and help each other to continue to build their dreams from scratch.

To the naked eye, people may find this streetwear brand like any other, but at a closer look, the fashion apparels are accessories that represent each member of the community that shares a part of the movement. A movement so strong that it would tell the world, these youths are not afraid to chase their own dreams and even if others think they will never make it big, they are set to “Prove Em Wrong”.

The message of reaching out to motivate each individuals dream in the movement is passed around and proudly worn on the designs of each apparels. A brand like Negat!ve does not just say what it will do, but does what it says. Now this differentiate Negat!ve from others and this community will not give up in encouraging others and the public that they too can, Prove Em Wrong!

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