Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exclusive Interview : Ariz

1. Your latest single, Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang, what inspired the whole concept of the song?

- In Malay we called it 'usik-mengusik', hence the insertion of Malay literary influences like 'pantun' and 'sendaloka' in the song. Also, it's all about being 'Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang' (in english: 'the best of the crop'). Everyone involved in the song are 'yang terbaik dari ladang'; Malique needs no introduction, Liyana Jasmay as Best Actress, D'Navigator as arranger, Zain (Ruffedge) who helped produce Liyana's vocals, and even the scratches on the song were by DJ Cza.

2. Having your mentor, Malique to be on the song, was it like a bigger challenge to write the song?

- The challenge was learning how to produce a quality song from A to Z. I spent the whole time sitting next to Malique as he produced this song. He taught me to analyze every sound, every musical instrument, every sample and all the vocals meticulously. Its not an easy job, and with Malique as producer, it is definitely not to be taken for granted.

3. We were aware that you were nominated for best hip-hop album in AIM 2010, coming against the likes of your mentor himself, Malique and big names like Point Blanc, Ahli Fiqir and Altimet, what was it like for you personally?

- That was my biggest achievement to date. Yeah, I might be nominated again in the future, but it might be alongside new acts. Not with the legends anymore. To me, that nomination was priceless. More value to it. To be nominated is one thing. To be nominated alongside big names, it felt like i was winning already.

4. And what inspired the changed of name to Ariz from Colabr8?

- Colabr8 reached its goal with the AIM nomination. That's what i targeted for when i made the album '1212'. I had wonderful time as Colabr8. Now, it is time for me to move on, and under Qarma Musiq, Ariz is the next phase.

5. What took you to Qarma Musiq and how did it change you personally as a hip-hop artist?

- My trust in Qarma Musiq and Malique. It's all about quality now. In terms of how it has changed me, i noticed i work harder under Qarma Musiq. To me, success (in anything you do) comes with extra effort. And of course, by working smart too.

6. So will there be an album coming sooner or later?

- Yup. Date to be confirmed.

7. Being like new in Malaysian Hip-Hop scene, who else (new artistes other than yourself) do you co-sign in this industry?

- Kraft, Mic Bandits, Jin Hackman

8. Your top 5 MCs in Malaysia currently?

- Malique
- Joe Flizzow
- Ariz
- Altimet
- Kraft

9. An advice to all the future artistes that wants to be part of this hip-hop game.

- Jangan bebal, cari guru, cari buku. Dunia dah ramai yang tiga suku.

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