Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malaysian Hip-Hop Exclusive Interview : Malique

We got to interview Malique. Thanks to his label representative, we got to ask him a few questions about the artist himself, his thoughts, and his music.

1. Hi Malique, what inspired the 3 album names, from OK, to KO, and now TKO?
When i started OK, people kept asking me if i was OK or not, so i replied "ok". Then when i convinced them i was OK, i knocked them out with K.O. And now i'm locking them down with TKO.

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2. What is it like artistically working as a solo artist compare to working with Joe Flizzow as Too Phat?
When you work alone, you discuss with yourself and fight with yourself. When you work with someone else, you need to come to a compromise. But regardless of whether i am solo or with Too Phat, the quality is always the same.

3. We know that Malique, has not appeared publicly, compare to back then in Too Phat, why so?
Because i started off not having a product to promo. And when i did, i did not have the means or support of going public. But this seemed to work anyway. No promo became promo. If i had appeared more, it would've been a different story.

4. Personally, who is Malique's top 5 MCs in Malaysia?
Joe Flizzow
...In no particular order

5. After TKO, what will be the future plan ahead for Malique? Probably drop a few hints for us?
Too Phat. And booming Qarma's new artist, Ariz. This means more products for the people. Also for Qarma Musiq, i'm looking for new talents to turn into legends.

6. What can we expect from TKO this time around?
I'm still deciding. I am halfway done. I'm done with the singles, now working on non-singles...which means enough dumbing-down.

7. Any advice or words of inspiration to coming up MCs?
Before you attempt to rap, listen to a lot of songs before you call yourself a rapper. Study more, jangan syiok sendiri. There's a lot more to it than putting words that rhyme together.

Listen to Malique's latest song here.

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