Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEUTRAL presents Play.Boy.Paradise featuring 3 NINJAS - THE NEW SAGA


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Introducing 3 NINJAS! The next exciting trio that will rock your nights with
music they amplify. 3 brothers with massive music sound covers from the
latest Baltimore tracks to booty shaking Reggaeton tunes.

RJ Funk known for his veteran skills in the industry will surely make the
crowd trembles at the might of his sounds. Known as the guru among the
three, down for whatever and he holds the fort together.

Mastermind,  the strength and pillar of the group. Hitting the 1s and 2s,
blasting every bits, implanting them into the mind, no doubt! The
hypnotizing sound he projects makes Mastermind, truly a mastermind.

Shaking it on mic Balan Kashmir, the youngest and most diabolic among them
yet most lovable to the public eye. Hype-notizing peeps with words and
rhymes rocking the mic while the other 2 smash the decks.

The 3 Ninjas, cold blooded musically, killing their way to the top as their
saga begins...

More about the event HEAD ON RIGHT HERE...

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