Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Malique's Twin Release



JUNE 2010: Following his multiple award-winning debut album OK (2008) and the subsequent success of K.O The Mixtape (2009), Malique begins the year with the release of two singles simultaneously off his latest album in progress TKO (Peace Out) to be released by end of 2010. TKO is Malique's final solo album, the closing chapter of a legendary trilogy.

Cuba Lagi featuring Lah Ahmad is a song about encouragement, brushing off failures and trying harder, surely something everyone can relate to. Lah Ahmad (of V.E) has also previously been featured on Malique's KL Streets (which received an AIM award for Best English Song), and lends his vocals again to the chorus of Cuba Lagi - a proven winning combination.

2010 Masih Hip Hop is a remake of Masih Hip Hop (from K.O The Mixtape), however this time Malique features his Too Phat counterpart Joe Flizzow - the first song the duo have recorded together in five years. Those who have been waiting for Too Phat to release something new will look forward to 2010 Masih Hip Hop as essentially a Too Phat song. The long history of Malique and Joe is evident in the familiarity of their verses as they complement each other vocally.

Malique is set for the year with the release of this first set of twin singles to capture his anticipating audience. Cuba Lagi and 2010 Masih Hip Hop are only a preview of what is yet to come in TKO (Peace Out). The next set of twin releases includes a song called Senyum featuring indie jazz vocalist Najwa. Najwa was previously featured on Kau Yang Punya (from Malique's debut album OK). Senyum will be released in September. Its accompanying song will feature a prominent nasyid group, and the details will be revealed in time.

Following his final solo album TKO (Peace Out), Malique plans to work on new material as Too Phat with a focus on more english language songs.

For more information and song previews, visit www.myspace.com/maliqueibrahim.
For enquiries and bookings or to request a copy of the songs for airplay, email qarmamusiq@gmail.com

Click HERE for the lyrics of the singles.

Cuba Lagi (Click to enlarge)

Masih Hip-Hop 2010 (Click to enlarge)

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