Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Point Blanc - The Turning Point review


A new album by @pointipohmali, a new direction, a nice cover...
Well done album cover, Point Blanc has pushed barriers again and create magic. With Major R.E. and DJ Goldfish as the major producers, Point Blanc also introduced Voyeur Record's IVI, Uncle Real & Nigel Sparks in this album. Featuring Alvin Gold and James Baum.

1. The Turning Point
A electro start, it sounded like a dance hit at first, but as the song progress, you can hear personal lyrics "I'm standing at these crossroads of my life/ Trying to make the right choices all the time..." Point talked about how he wants to change from a bad guy to right guy. A strong track that I think most men can relate to.

2. Keep It Up
The first single off the album, I would call this the grind song of the album. Talking about 9 to 5 of everyone and why we shouldn't give up. Hard work = Success, get it? "I'm the voice of middle class telling ya'll keep doing what you doing... ".

3. Just A Miracle feat. Alvin Gold
A dance track, featuring Alvin Gold (a.k.a. DJ Goldfish). Something you wanna hear in a club. Catchy chorus. You get the acoustic version on the last track.

4. My Blackberry feat. IVI
The Blackberry anthem which features Voyeur Records artist IVI, Point raps about his Blackberry. Those who has a Blackberry know what it is.

5. If I Could feat. James Baum
James Baum grace this song, especially the chorus. This is a love track that you want to sing to a girl ;) . Single worthy, I hope it hit waves soon.

6. Payday feat. Elvira, Nigel Sparks & Uncle Real
Another grind song, strong chorus by Elvira's vocals. Nigel Sparks spit a verse on it, Uncle Real does it in cantonese. The song is a bit slow, and draggy. Wish it had that upbeat tempo.

7. Before feat. Alvin Gold
A club track, it sounded as if Point is MC-ing in a club. Alvin work his magic on the beats.

8. Just A Miracle (Acoustic) feat. Alvin Gold
This version is the same as it's original track 3. I love this one more, more soulful.

A great album by Point Blanc. A change of tri-lingual to a full English album. I expected it to have more tracks though, but great album artwork and great message in music.

Go get the album (The Turning Point) @ all major music stores. Distributed by Sony Music.

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