Monday, March 29, 2010

KL Slam Jam 2010 Winner - Tactmatic


1. How does it feels like winning the competition (KL Slam Jam) as a whole?
It feels good. No doubt about that , but most importantly i won the dough that i needed. So thats great. I felt unfuckwithable at one point as well. :)

2. KL Slam Jam and TYGS (Think You Got Skillz), we know you were involved in two, how big is the difference (except Vandal of course...) ?
I wouldn't say there is a big difference. TYGS was good times, thats where it all started. Small room event of the year , it was voted. So yea, KL SLAM JAM however was at a bigger venue and us rappers had to impress the non-hip-hop heads as well. Oh yea, the moolah too. Dont forget the moolah.

3. Tactmatic and Arkitact, are they the same or different, tell us more about them.
Its spelt TheArkhitact. I named my self Tactmatic back when i started off as a keystyle battle MC on MiRC. Do you remember those days? this was pre-The Bazement days even. Damn! Thats a long time ago. Then 2 years ago, i took producing seriously and gave my studio a name. It was called "TheArkhitact Studio". Since i run it, i guess that makes me TheArkhitact. Senang Cerita. call me Tact.

4. So who got you into this whole hip-hop scene? Was it a passion, or more of influence?
It was never my intentions to get into the scene. I was caught up in the hype i guess. I was a fan of Hip Hop as a culture. I wanted to try it all. I was not physically fit to B-boy, couldn't afford my own set of turntables, wasn't atristic enough with a spray can. So i picked up a PC mic(then) and never looked back.

5. You been heavily involved in production over the years in the Tamil Hip-Hop scene, is there going to be something in English soon, like a single or mixtape? Tell us what's ahead for you, anything new?
Yes. The Malaysian Tamil Hip Hop scene is crazy. Im gifted to have worked with and to be working with amazing talent. This year, i'm gona be working on both the Tamil and English scene. 2011, is the year you can expect something from me.

6. The whole hip-hop scene in Malaysia, where do you think it will go from here?
Hip-Hop on the world stage is already diversified as fuck. The Pop in the Hip-Hop that everybody is into in recent times, is better accepted localy in Malaysia. So what i think is gona happen over the next few years is that, what was once the local Hip-Hop scene is gona the be the malaysian music scene. Study our local charts, you'll get the picture.

7. We know you were in the K.O. mixtape by DJ Fuzz and Malique, tell us how you got into that collabo?(By the way it's a good track.)
Thanks. I got mad respect and admiration for both DJ Fuzz and Malique. What i know is that, Fuzz caught me spittin on one of the Ego.Tv freestyles and invited me on the mixtape as he wanted some fresh talent. Thank you Fuzz!

8. If you coming out with an album, who you wanna collabo with in it?
Anyone who can sing and hit all the notes that i want them to.

You can get at Tactmatic here.

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