Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bomb Skillz


"Bomb Skillz"

Think You Got Skillz & The Bomb Shelter have come together to present to you the final curtain call for Hip Hop at the Legendary Cloth & Clef.

If you didn't know, C&C will be closing its doors a few days after Bomb Skillz. This is a great loss. If you don't know by now, Cloth & Clef has been home to many emerging underground scenes in KL and has allowed us the opportunity to do great events such as The Bomb Shelter, TYGS, The Beat Meet, Ladies First, Cypher Sundaze and many more.

Bomb Skillz will pay tribute to Cloth & Clef with 8 hours of music, live performances and BBQ. This will be your last chance to experience Hip Hop in its purest form, for the community by the community. To be there is a MUST!!!

Live Performances - DJ's & BBQ!!!

This event is brought to you by Cloth & Clef, The MoveMint, The Bomb Shelter, Rogue Squadron & Zulu Nation Malaysia.

More on the event here.

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