Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bomb Shelter: The Lost Chamber

Clan in the front! Letcha feet stomp!
We're not going to lie about it: the Rogue Squadron is full of Wu Tang Stans, and we're letting it be known. For this month's edition of The Bomb Shelter, we're taking it back to Shaolin, just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations. (Tiger style, son! Bong bong!)

The Lost Chamber's lineup includes:

The Rebel Scum (
You already know. Five individuals, four mics and two turntables. Concretely distasteful. The old men of Malaysian underground rap are about to whip out their liquid swords (pause) and throwing their W's up.

Gila Monstarz (
The name might be a little new, but that's okay: the talent behind it's been fresh for years. Roshan Jamrock from the K-Town Clan and Young Ruff of the Reffugeez take that hardcore bass-smashing hip hop to another level. Bear witness.

Cydal Banks (
Ipoh got it. For real, for real. Kool C, MC J, Big B and G Flex rep the Silver State to the fullest, and not since Da Joint has there been a hardcore rap crew that cracks stages the way these guys do. CB shows are sneaky like ninjas, so make sure you catch them this time or poof ... they ghost, dog.

Double Dice (facebook:
Think You Got Skillz vet. Dark Parade alumni. Double Dice BEEN nice on the mic and keeps it sucka-free, so you suckas don't be knowin. Get familiar with one of the most pissed off men in Malaysian hip-hop. Or he'll rip your throat out.

THE BOMB SHELTER series (JUICE Magazine's Best Live Series, Small Venue, 2009) is brought to you by the Rogue Squadron, Malaysia's largest independent hip-hop collective, and Cloth & Clef (JUICE Magazine's Best Small Live Venue).

More on the event here.
Don't miss it :)

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