Sunday, January 17, 2010



The Bomb Shelter is celebrating its 1st anniversary this Wednesday!

It’s been a whole year since we first kicked the nightlife’s ass and brought back hip hop to the club night scene. Much thanks to everyone who had supported us since day one and big ups to all the performers who had performed at The Bomb Shelter. You guys keep us alive.

Come this Wednesday night though, we’re showing our gratitude to the unsung heroes of TBS – the DJs. They’ve been spinning month after month with little to no notice even when they provided the music to both performers and audience alike. So before we have a DJ rebellion in our hand, we’re making the upcoming TBS a full-on party night with live DJ mixsets!

Inviting a triumvirate of DJ collectives from differing genres, the night features Headshell Heroes, Resistiv3, and Twinkies.

As per usual Rogue Squadron’s HEADSHELL HEROES (Jocular, Cliq and Layzr) will lace up the night with an eclectic mix of boom bap hip hop that you can jump, nod, and get crazy to.

Switching up the gears of a usual TBS night, drum n bass collective RESISTIV3 (MH, Mac, Anowl and Reza) will provide you with all the headbanging, pogoing and moshing you ever wanted in an electronic genre.

And lastly, CNC’s very own Nadia and the multifaceted AraByrd are set to rock the house with their DJ outfit TWINKIES, playing anything from indie, dubstep to electro as long as it'll get your ass dancing.

With three disparate DJ collectives spinning, we promise you, nay, we guarantee you a night of mayhem.

Entrance is free, folks. So party hard, get smashed and respect the DJ!

[THE BOMB SHELTER] is brought to you by Malaysia's largest independent hip hop collective, the Rogue Squadron; KL's go-to live music spot Cloth & Clef (grab a drink by the bar and check out the boutique upstairs!) and JUICE Magazine.

More about the event here.

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