Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alexander The Phatos - Beautiful Struggle(Reprise)


Alexander The Phatos With a fusion of Hiphop, Rap and Classical, ATP music is diversified. Consisting a team of passionate and talented musicians. Alexander The Phatos is the definition of Harmony. Radical. Streetness.

A Non-Biased/Prejudiced Eardrum/Implies no pre-judging, that captures everything as long as there is a traveling wave and frequencies within a range of hearing.ATP is a group that melds everything beautifully. Combining things are possibly Discord/Uncommon into a Piece of Art beyond Music so-called a Beauty within Randomness.

It goes similar like a collection of paintings of impressionist. ATP has been collaborating with producers.They have come together to share a single stage with infinite ideas/influences/thoughts/dreams and direct their talents towards delivering indefinite textures into tracks musically.ATP is currently working hard on their first Album(Phatosism) estimated release by the end of this year (2010)

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