Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5Qs with Kraft


1.Whats ahead for Kraft, and will we expect an album or just singles?
All about upgrade man. One-up some things, maybe everything. Singles? Yes sir, but I also wanna work an album out, despite what the industry is like in today's day & age. So that's what's up.

2. Winning the TYGS competition, how does it feels like to be the best battle MCs around?
Ain't nothing to it. Haha. But wait a minute. Best battle-MC title came along with it? I thought it was just cash & prizes lah?

3. Who inspire you the most locally and internationally?
Locally - Altimet; cause he's been a man who has always wanted to own stakes of his businesses since day one, which I learned so much from & is always in pursuit of some next level stuff - deals, music, trend. Joe Flizzow & Malique; As a collective, they have set some remarkable standards to break, real talk. Plus you can definitely learn a thing or two about music & business from them. There's so much I learnt from their solo debuts as well - both, business & music wise.
Internationally - Jay-Z; 10-11 #1 albums. Owns/co-owns his business. Lyrically, his up there in the top-10 of all time. Ludacris; As much as he is very much involved in a bunch of businesses and ventures, he's definitely jack of all trades when it comes to his music. His rhymes and subject matters. Notorious BIG; Classic albums, classic. His popular tunes are ever so polished even next to today's hip hop.

4. Tell us about Malaysia's Finest
Malaysia's Finest is dictated by your attributes, I suppose. A mere example, A-grade rhymes matched with C-grade delivery or breathing technique for that matter, don't expect to pass with flying colors. I try to upgrade these fundamentals along the way. From failure to success to consistency. What are you like as an all rounder I suppose. A basic package is essential - as a recording artiste, as a performing artiste, as a music exec, as a businessman etc. Level of your involvement with your music, with your production, with your business is crucial.

5. Any words to inspiring MCs?
I think a strong foundation is fundamental. Skyscrapers stand on strong grounds. Heavyweight boxers stand on strong legs. Practice makes perfect. Also an outrageous swagger is one thing, an outrageous attitude is something else. And finally, never let your dream sleep. Malaysia Boleh man!

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