Friday, April 3, 2009

Album Reviews

DiploDangerous by Diplomats International
Consist of 3 countries (Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia), this is an album to be heard if you're a avid hip-hop listener. Consist line up of Vandal, DJ Nasa, DJ Nesh, Tech1, Mistah, Ras uhamad, Scope One and Wiz, it's not too pop, very old skool, simple rhythm and beat, good flow, in English as well as Bahasa. More like a mixtape than an album. Not something you hear on radio in Malaysia, but it's something for Malaysian Hip-Hop to embrace. Favourite song would be What You Wanna Rap About? and OPD.

Jinius At Work by Jin Hackman
The guy who people will think can't rap on first look, but he has punchlines that will blow you out. Don't believe? Ask Kraft or anyone who was at Think You Got Skillz. The album, a great debut, one that didn't disappoint. MC feat. NBE was probably the only other rap in Bahasa compare to the whole album which is in English.
Featuring the like of Rogue Squadron members and Kryptik from Netherlands, the album is not really that radio friendly though. One for every upcoming rapper to learn from.
Heezy Rock is probably the best on the album. Yeah, you heard it local indie rock act.

The Wrecktifier by MicWrecka
Another Rogue Squadron member, and yeah, Rebel Scum too. I didn't know or have any idea about this album until like 2 weeks before his album drop. Best still, his album drop one week after Jin Hackman. First time in history, 2 rap album dropped on 2 consecutive week in Malaysia. Well, it's for you to decide which is better one though.
Most of the songs were produced by MicWrecka himself, features the likes of Altimet, Jin Hackman, the other member in Rogue Squadron and Ghetto Republic. Favourite song would be Flatline feat. Jin Hackman and Altimet.

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