Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Micwrecka The Wrecktifier


Coming 11.03.09 at Bomb Shelter III

01. Verbal Assault feat. Proximas
02. I Need To Speak feat. Illevate
03. The Wrecktifier
04 Memories To Reminisce
05. Come Go With Me feat. Dose2
06. Not A Random Love Song feat. Lady Dee
07. Cruisin' feat. Ghetto Republic
08. Meadows
09. Support Bro! feat. SSK
10. Order A Takeout (Skit)
11. Flatline feat. Jin Hackman & Altimet
12. Autocratic Minds feat. Figure of Speech & Apocalypse Dawn
13. Drums Of Cyberia
14. Here Comes Reverse feat. Illson & WordsManifest
15. Clones Of Emcees
16. Livewire feat. HQA, Ash G & X'Scapists
17. Outerspace
18. Shout Outs
19. I Need To Speak (DJ Fuzz Remix)

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