Tuesday, January 13, 2009

President Review


The most anticipated Malaysian hip-hop album of the year by Malaysian nicest MC. Joe Flizzow has dominate the hip-hop market well. I know the hype it was created, fans, now are in search of his album. Some found it, some still in search.
President start off well, the use of auto-tune, Joe raps about once he was known as the "Capo Di Tutti Capi" and now he's Kuala Lumpur elected president. The album, mainly produced by DJ T-Bone, has beats you don't hear on any Malaysian hip-hop album yet. terrytyelee inclusion on the track All Around My World brings you a total different mood flying on an airplane. Do it, Duit, the first single of the album. You heard the critics and the thumbs-up. You judge. To me, it's something fresh, something we don't see in the scene yet. Get It Done feat. KRS-One, everyone has been waiting for this song. It's dope. Hip-hop heads know what Tha Teacher is trying to reach out to us. It's all about the Air Force One, get it?
Isabella which is produced by DJ Iman, Joe's youngest brother, which has the special touch. Sampled from Search's song with the similar title, DJ Iman did a perfect touch on this piece, and it's my favourite song on this album.
There is Jin and Thaitanium on the last two tracks. Both song brings Joe international. These two tracks end the album well.

I can say this is an album you will want to have. Joe did repeat some songs, maybe a version in malay and another in english, vice versa, but in both version, he done it well. Look for the album pictures in the album, classic.

A 4 out of 5. Joe is the President.
Joe for second album. We hope.

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