Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jinius At Work Tracklist


1. Resume (prod. Skware-1)
2. Taking Control featuring Schizzow (prod. Funktionz)
3. Who’s Dat? featuring iLLevate, Enemyze and Proximas (prod. Proximas)
4. Still Hip Hop (prod. Phrozt)
5. MY featuring HQA (prod. HQA)
6. MC featuring NBE (prod. Skware-1)
7. Childhood featuring Wordsmanifest and HQA (prod. Phrozt)
8. Why Love? (prod. MicWrecka)
9. Get Up! featuring Ndeesaster (prod. MicWrecka)
10. The All-Star Cypher (prod. Decipher)
11. Train of Thought (prod. Skware-1)
12. Heezy Rock (prod. Skware-1)
13. Livin featuring Kryptik (prod. Funktionz)
14. Jinius At Work (prod. Phrozt)

Coming soon. :)

P.S. Congrats to TRS and Altimet for their respective win at VIMA. Check here for more.

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