Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diplomats International - DiploDangerous


Track Listing:

• Intro - Prod. DJ Nasa & Renchong
• Profile - Prod. Wiz Ft. Vandal
• What!!! - Prod. Wiz Ft. Vandal, Tech'1, Dice, Ras Muhamad, Wizzow & Mistah
• OPD - Prod. Illsteez Ft. Vandal
• Ghost - Prod. Wiz Ft. Vandal, Ras Muhamad, Wizzow, Tech'1 & Mistah
• Moments - Prod. Vandal
• Toxic Doses Freestyle - Prod. DJ Nasa Ft. Vandal & Mistah
• Rap About What? Freestyle - Prod. DJ Nasa Ft. Vandal, Mistah & Dice
• Final Chapters Freestyle - Prod. DJ Nasa Ft. Vandal & Mistah
• Clear Ya Head - Prod. Dj Nasa Ft. Vandal, Mistah, Pitch Black Gold & Romano
• Just Duit - Prod Wiz Ft. Vandal, Mistah & Ras Muhamad
• Versus (long) - Prod. Wiz Ft. Wizzow, Tiger T, Doniel NEO, Mistah, Tech'1, Cool B, Kenji, Vandal, HerdiOflo, Saykoji
• Silly Bills - Prod. Wiz Ft. Della MC, Wizzow, Vandal, Mistah, Cool B & DJ S.T
• Superheroes - Prod. Wiz Ft. Adinda, Vandal, Mistah, Wizzow, Ras Muhamad
• Joget - Prod. Wiz Ft. Ras Muhamad, Rudi Twisted, Vandal, Mistah & Wizzow
• Goyang - Prod. Wiz Ft. Dice, Vandal, Mistah, Pitch Black Gold, Wizzow, Ras Muhamad
• BBoy Anthem - Prod. Wiz Ft. Adinda, Vandal, Mistah, Wizzow, Romano
• Art Of War - Prod. Wiz Ft. Mistah, Vandal, Wizzow, J Linggo, Tech'1 & Ras Muhamad
• Riders - Prod. DJ Nasa Ft. Mistah, Dice, Vandal & Ras Muhamad
• Indosmoke - Prod Wizzow Ft. Vandal, Tech'1 & Mistah

All Cuts by DJ Nasa Except "Silly Bills" by DJ S.T
Mixed by DJ Nesh
Art by Scope 1
Layout by Vandal

Diplomats International: The Mixtape Album

The Tri-Nation powerhouse Diplomats International (Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore) are set to release their debut album on November 12th 2008 in Malaysia. The album, entitled "DiploDangerous", is being created exclusively in a Mix-Tape format by DJ's in each country and in Malaysia will be Mixed by DJ Nesh and hosted by Vandal. The album is a collection of works created by the crew over the past 2 years and features Vandal, Mistah, Wizzow, Ras Muhamad, Adinda, Tech'1, Dice, Pitch Black Gold, J Linggo, Rudi Twisted, Saykoji, Cool B, Tiger T, HerdiOflo, Kenji, Romano & Doniel NEO. The albums production is held down by Wizzow and DJ Nasa and also features DJ S.T & Illsteez (on Malaysian release).

I heard the album will be in Echo Park soon. Check back for more :)

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