Sunday, November 30, 2008

Altimet - First Among Equals

Altimet is giving this away on his 30th birthday. You will want it, really.
First Among Equals The link is down. :(

Tracklisting :
  1. Work (Syaheed, Bedsty Music)
  2. Come On (Avex, TwoRookies)
  3. Clap, Move ft Ruffedge (Syaheed Bedsty Music)
  4. Mama Say (D'Navigator)
  5. Chantek ft Adeep Fabulous Cats (Altimet)
  6. Hey Jude (Funktionz/Fiquetional)
  7. Home (Jit W. Lim)
  8. Sayang Sayang ft. Mawar Berduri (DJ Fuzz/Altimet)
  9. Just Because ft Najwa (Illegal)
  10. You Already Know ft. Joe Flizzow (Magic Potions)
  11. Fight Club (Funktionz)
  12. You Got Me ft. MizzNina & Dina (Altimet)

New single titled "Mimpi" from 2nd album coming 01.01.09
Look out. :)

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