Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updates Innit

So we heard Joe Flizzow's going to collaborate with Grammy award winning Rihanna, how big is that? Something we hip-hop heads should be freaking proud about. I'm excited really.

So came a new site on into our scene, Kartellohello which keep you connected to President, Joe Flizzow. Head there and give him a shoutout, innit?

Think You Got Skillz? Part 2 and so the winner is KRAFT. Congrats bro. Naqib is the runner up. Wait for the next one. 8th October 2008, write down in your diary or key into your phone as reminder. Cloth & Clef (30 Jl Changkat near Sungai Wang) Starts @ 10pm goes til Late!
Free Entry!!!

Alright, last but not least, DJ Fuzz Perempuan video is coming soon.....
Be patient! Hehehe...

All for now. Peace.

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