Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Updates

  • Malique Ibrahim, who has just released OK successfully, is now married. Malaysian Hip-Hop will like to congratulate him on his marriage.
  • Joe Flizzow's album The President now is due after the Raya. His first single, Dooit Duit is on radio now. Listen out for it.
  • KLG Sqwad's LP, Labour Of Love is now set for 14.11.08. Remember the date. Listen out for Since I Met You.
  • C. Loco is currently working in the studio. Nothing has yet concrete, but look out as he is working hard on it.
  • Too Phat did not break up. If you heard the rumour, rebutt it. They're still together, but Joe Flizzow and Malique doing their solo thing.
  • If you have not cop Labour Of Love by KLG Sqwad, go get it. Get it from KLG Sqwad website.


  1. You sure about the Too Phat thing?

  2. If it's from M, I think it should be.
    I hope it is anyway.


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