Thursday, August 21, 2008

1 Asia - Asian HipHop's Best Kept Secret


This is one compilation you'll flip. It's by Malaysia's Powder Records. Check out:

Track Listing

1 Asia Connection DJ Nesh
2 Understanding Yin Ts’ang
3 Have Fun Infinite Flow
4 Ya Sudahlah Soul-ID
5 Yuk Lai Thaitanium
6 Sayang Sayang Altimet
7 Letterz Kz feat. DJ Goldfish
8 Junggling Jungle Defconn
9 Many Many Rhymes WordsManifest
10 The Generation Prosa feat. Q-Luv
11 Travellin Koko & Syaheed feat. Too Phat & Taufik Batisah
12 Mendua Yacko
13 Marilah Bergoyang Phlowtron
14 Princesses Mizz Nina, Noreen,Yacko, Mizz Eva,Hunny, LilShawty,Linda Onn, Mia, DJ Vanda & Daly
15 Yellow Road Yin Ts’ang

讲者 feat. Q-luv - The Generation

Thaitanium-Yuk lai

The album is now available at ROCK CORNER or VICTORIA MUSIC at RM14.90.
Go cop your copy. It's burning the shelves.

For more info check here.

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