Monday, June 16, 2008

DJ Fuzz Mixology 2 Review

This album is probably one miss if you didn't get it for yourself. You might have miss out what is hip-hop and partying like.
It starts of with an upbeat "Make Em Bow" by Richard J. "Badonkadonk" by Silksounds might be an interesting track with a feel of crunk. I thought after listening a while, I can hear Lil Jon at the background, but not. "Mo Fiyah - Part 2" by KLG Sqwad if you heard Amplify, there's just an additional words during the chorus and more lines of tight rap. I love this track. "Hot Like Fiyah" by Raz Muhammad puts malay words into reggae feel, I feel crazy listening to it, honestly.
"I Fell In Love With The DJ" by Che'Nelle feat. Baby Cham is probably one track you heard many times, but with the scratches of DJ Fuzz, it gets you off the hinges, you can feel his mix change the song a little. "Rockera" by Pop Shuvit feat. Nitro y Fanta, you probably heard this track on Pop Shuvit's album. "Bicara Neguran" by Phlowtron sounds take a little out of the party feel of the album, but I like the way the chorus sounds. "Booty Call" by Philly Roca of K-Town Clan, the beat is by Fuzz himself. You can feel the way Philly Roca put his line down you really enjoy the feel with the party beat, my second favourite song on the album.
"Stop, Look and Listen" by Stylustiks just makes you think that you actually can make a rock song sounds good, but really I like the way it's mixed. "Hold Nothing" by Rauzan Rahmad feat. Richard J has this malay music feel, I like the way it's just make you feel like grooving to it. "Showtyme" by Dareyno, I feel it's alright, but the verse is not well laid. "Don't Lose Your Head" by Zion I feat. Too Short sounds ghetto, don't worry, Zion I and Too Short are from the USA, but it's nice track, releax and well laid. "KL To Beirut" by DJ Fuzz feat. DJ Lethal Skillz and MC Moe is my favourite track. Heavy radio play, you know why this song is just dope. With the chinese oriental feel at the beginning, you know why the song is well rated
"Havin' Thangs" by Planet Asia sounds like 50 Cent, but I think it's just okay, nothing really special about it. "Hanyunkan Tanganmu" by Filsuf is just nice, Filsuf know how to use the word he's using. Props to Filsuf for the good work. "Rockin' It" by Cesar Comache feat. Sean Boog has a nice sample. Something like Kanye West, but it's good track really, a big plus is the way the line been laid. "Ego Trips" by Supastition is very laid back, but it's just makes you listen to it. "She" by Altimet has a catchy chorus, if you don't know what Altimet is trying to tell about She, listen properly, it's well defined.
There are 4 freestlyes by Point Blanc, MizzNina, Joe Flizzow and Vandal. My favourite will be Vandal's freestyle. He just laid it down nicely.
"Sila Prozitku" by Nasevec and "Qararat" by Ramallah Underground has good beats, but I don't know what it means and have no idea, just bobbing my head to the beat. Someone who understands it please help us review. Thanks :)

Rating : 4 out of 5.
Comment : If you've not get the album, go get it. Play it at parties and everyone will just dance to it. Honestly, missing out on it, you'll just regret.

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