Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey people,
What's good? It's been a great time knowing you guys and learning from the scene. As of today, I'll quit as the Malaysian Hip-Hop news provider. I still have lots of love for the local scene. I'll continue to be an emcee, but not commercially yet. I've learnt that coming up to fast can be vital and dangerous to one self.

The local hip-hop scene has grown much since I first started out this blog. The blog was meant for a love of the scene and to promote it locally and internationally. We've gotten emails from around the globe and the people was supportive. Events like Unity and Sunburst KL can show that our local scene can take ourselves to another level.

Thanks a lot for the support you guys gave me when I was doing what I love most, but I've to part with it due to personal reasons.
Life can never be a bed of roses, but even if it is, roses do have torns too.

I'll continue to support the scene.
Take care,

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  1. It's such a shame that you quit, at least you're doing something good for the scene, and you deserves credibility over that shit, not like any other people who only dickrides to get recognized, or doing nothing and just waiting 'til shit hits the fan. Well, I'll hope the best of luck on you becoming a good, maybe a great emcee, pz.

  2. Ok man. Dun worry.Da new generation of local hip-hop will keep it alive. Ppl all over Malaysia will become more chill with hip-hop after this. Good luck with ur new life man. U said dat roses sometimez hav torn but when u hurt by the torn u'll received a memorable experience in ur life. Dat will make u become more carefully in life. Will increase up ur smartness. ok then, peace one lurve.


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