Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reefa Who?

Reefa : In a class of his own..

Reefa : In a class of his own..

The rise of urban musicians in Malaysia has been active since the late 90’s and quite a number of talented songwriters emerged from that era. Reefa, born Jerry Vincent Singh was first introduced to the music industry with his bump and grind classic, Uptown, featuring Sam of Innuendo back in 98. This was featured in Positive Tone’s “Trick & Tales” compilation, which also featured the likes of Innuendo, Poetic Ammo, Ferhad and Naughtiest Maximus. Since then, his career headed only one place: to the top!

In late 2000, Reefa released his debut solo album; “The Key Of R”. He has never gotten the chance to look back ever since. “The Key of R” was a good success for a first and also at that time, Reefa was the first solo rapper who emerged in Malaysia to hold his own. Radio and local press really uplifted his popularity among the urban listeners. His first single from the album, So high featuring Point Blanc of Poetic Ammo was a huge success. The video and the single was played by local t.v and radio stations back to back, even till today it can be heard or seen. But his biggest break was getting nominated for Best English Album at the AIM in 2001. Reefa lost, but he didn’t lose heart.

He was already doing something extra throughout his new found rise. Reefa was offered in a role in “Buddies”, one of the longest running English T.V sitcoms in Malaysia. It was aired from 1999 till 2001. His role on the sitcom presented Reefa and architected him to a more appealing rapper compared to many of his peers. From there, he was slowly seen more as an all rounder guy whose songwriting mastery can also be seen with all the radio jingles he has been involved with. This includes Mc’donald’s, KFC, Perodua, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Toycity, Marigold and many others.

His stage performance has tagged this rapper to be one of the flawless ones because of the voice projection on the microphone. It was not a surprise when he won the award for the “Most Performed English Song” in the 2004 MACP Awards and then again in 2006.His music is smooth, rhythmic and fresh, even after years. The fans kept asking for the follow up from his first album but acting and songwriting for other artiste and radio jingles kept him busy. But when a featuring was called, Reefa always found time for other musicians from the music industry. This fast laced- dribbling rapper has collaborated with Too Phat, Poetic Ammo, Camelia, Nora, Vince, A.Z Mizal, V.E, Ferhad and Chakrasonic.

He has also performed alongside international stars like Madison Avenue and Mel C of Spice Girls at their packed out concert at PWTC. That’s a one pretty good resume from this Kuala Lumpur child.

It’s 2007. Reefa is now a rapper/ actor /songwriter / composer / producer with a new album on the way. A lot of things have changed since he first started in the early 90’s he says, but he is already a star in his own right, respected among the industry, won awards, appeared on T.V and etc. Just with one album? What’s in store for the next?!..

Reefa is now finishing up his 2nd album which he has been collecting materials for since 05.The album that features acts from all across the world and also the best of the local industry is still kept on ice till the release date is confirmed but already “Street Poetry” is said to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year. So till then:

got Reefa??...

Check out these upcoming singles of Reefa's coming album, Street Poetry.

Let us know what you think of these songs. We'll do a review soon.


  1. Kudos to Reefa. I loved Kali Pertama..looping the guitar riffs of one of Malaysia's most memorable rock ballad? Genius!

    As for his skills, he's just like great wine..gets better with age. He's probably vintage by now. :) I've always viewed him as one of our more versatile emcees, he can switch tones as easily as you can switch to another blog site (which is an advantage especially when you're in the business of featuring with other artiste), so Immah always a huge fan of his talents. Another plus point, the boy can sing. So I'm hoping the album hits the market real soon...I only expect great things from him.


  2. i love Body Sexin!!!!! it's about time the he releases another album and i hope it comes out real soon too cause we've been waiting a long time boy!

  3. This guy rocks.Body sexin is at international standard.

  4. i have to say that reefa has to be 1 of, if not THE best emcee's in the country. He has progressed non-stop since '98, and it shows in his fresh styles, clever word play and flawless flows. And also not forgetting Reefa's reputation as 1 of the fastest yet tightest dribblers in the country. Its amazing that no matter how fast he spits, you can still clearly hear every word. Few has tried to step up to reefa's dribbling, but clearly he is in a class of his own, and im sure that most would agree that at least in Malaysia, he's the King of Dribbling..

    ps/ cant wait for the new LP to drop. all the best reefa!

  5. yo this guy ,Jerry vincent singh was my class mate, saint pauls in seremban, form 3 & 4 , form 5 he was on the way to kl, introduced to us the family of hip hop...cool guy...hope he is still in same perangai hehehe..miss u man...


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